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"Printed Images are not yet a thing of the past as it is still a special experience to sit and look at images of your life and the lives of our loved ones, captured in your hands. The feel of holding onto this image is a very intimate experience which should never be forgotten or underestimated.

However today it is possible to present your images in many exciting ways. The internet and improving computer technology has provided the tools to enable your pictures to be shared with your family and loved ones over the internet, as slide shows which run like movies, complete with commentary and or music, or as basic images presented individually to be printed at any location.

I feel 3rd Eye clients deserve the very best so we have partnered with and an internet media development company to provide professionally produced graphic displays unmatched in this field.  3rd Eye  clients may mix and match the products they wish which include from both video and still image presentations, voice over and music track dubbing and available on the internet or copied to CD for mailing in a distinctive personalized jewel case and cover.

Web Presentations

Video Slide Shows

CD / Jewel Case