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Providing Unique Natural Light Photography
Prints, Video and Multimedia Presentations

Business Events, Conventions and Seminars

We specialize in providing fun and entertaining media presentations which document your special events and activities, conventions and seminars.  Your event guests and participants will receive an Attractive Gift CD which highlights of the events special occasions such as opening and closing ceremonies, Speakers and social special events and outings.  Consider this unique and timely gift a must for your next event.


Weddings, Anniversaries and Birthdays are too special to be forgotten,  Photographing these special moments is and honour and the production of entertaining multimedia presentations which run on your computer will provide years of enjoyment.


I love working with models to capture and bring the beauty which lies in every body, to life in the image.  Everyone has some very exceptional and wonderful qualities which I capture on film.  You will not have experienced more fun or many rewarding experiences better than playing in front of my cameras.  Of course serious photography is fun, come and enjoy it.