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Light Matters

Love Letter from the 3rd Eye
I am the light, Traveling into the light, I choose to see only love. This brilliance which does firstly shine within me.
Only light exists. The other side is mere shadow facsimile. The light reveals the darkened shade, only to set it free.
The world of rich and plentiful abundance is my magical mirror. Traveling within the landscape of peace and inner sanctuary. I gain a new perspective, as seen on the outside through my lens of love.
Love is the one truth, This freedom gives us power to become all we are truly meant to be.
I am honoured to offer the gift or my acute awareness, alongside the depths of my innate knowledge and fresh insights.
Embracing my power, I am allowed to touch upon the highest sense of freedom. Viewing this wondrous world through the dew9iest eyes of an innocent newborn, I am again whole.

Great Gushes of Golden/White Light
Love and Luscious Life,